The CACV contact list for community housing

This form is to indicate your interest in becoming a member of a housing cooperative or living in certain non-profit housing options in Verdun, including projects that are in development. When from time to time a cooperative or another organization in Verdun informs there Citizen's Action Committee of Verdun (CACV) that it has an apartment available or that it is looking for founding members, we use this list to inform you of the opportunity to apply.

Please note that there are much more effective ways of applying to social housing in Verdun, as described on the CACV website on the pages concerning cooperatives, housing non-profits and HLMs.

Please be sure to respond to all of the questions. Indicate at least one phone number where you can be reached, and let us know if your contact information changes. If we are unable to reach you, you will be removed from the list.

Some social housing is for people of above or below a certain age (ex. 65 years and over).
Votre adresse actuel

By submitting this form, you accept that your information will be stored by the CACV and can be transmitted, in the respect of confidentiality, to another organization that is involved in the development or the management of community housing.